Terms + Conditions


please be aware:

- It must be acceptable with the writer’s teacher, school, or business that he/she receives support on the written piece.

- I am not responsible for missed deadlines. I will provide feedback within our agreed upon time period. If you are on a strict deadline, please let me know. Do not contact me for support the night before a piece is due because there will not be enough time for me to respond to your request and complete the revision process.

- I check for requests for assistance each day. I will respond to you via email and/or invoice once I have received and reviewed your request. If you have not heard from me, our working relationship has not begun.

- My comments and edits are only suggestions, not guaranteed improvements and/or mandatory changes. You are the writer, and I expect you to use my suggestions to improve your piece in a way in which you are comfortable and, if applicable, your teacher or superior will find acceptable.

- I do not guarantee any specific grade or acceptance to a job or school.

- I will not search for plagiarism, as I do not expect you to use another’s work as your own. However, if I do find plagiarism in your writing, I will notify you and stop all work on the assignment. You will not receive a refund for the incomplete revision and editing process.