How it Works


How do I Request a Service?

You contact me by selecting the ‘Request Writing Support’ button. You’ll be directed to a Google Form that asks for information about the written piece, due date, when you’d like the writing returned, and what kind of help you and/or your child needs. You will attach your draft to the form, granting me permission to access your writing through Google Docs.

I will respond to you via email if I can complete your revision in the requested time, send an invoice through Paypal, and begin work.


What can i expect?

After an initial reading of your piece, I will provide feedback that includes suggestions for edits and revisions, questions about your choices, and general observations about what is working best and least and how sections read. If you selected a Quick Read service, our work ends there.

If you selected any other service, your work begins. You can (and should) respond to my questions and comments and then begin to revise your draft based on my suggestions and your new perspective on your writing piece. You can (and again, should) ask me questions, leave your own comments, and write new text. Once you’re ready for the next round of revision, simply send me an email at to alert me to reenter your document.

I’ll then go through your latest draft once more, responding to your new questions and comments, adding feedback about new text, and providing editing suggestions once more. Our working relationship concludes there. If you’d like me to go through your draft additional times, I can send a new invoice for $10 per additional reading with comments.

Remember, you can always challenge and disagree with my suggestions. You hired me for help, but you are the boss.